We rent new and used instruments to many musicians throughout Northern California. Here is a list of our current rental prices (not including sales tax). Please note that there is a 3-month minimum for rentals.

Instrument    Per month        3 months           
              Used    New      Used     New       
Trumpet       $22.00  $32.00   $66.00   $96.00    
Perc Kit

Alto sax      $40.00  $44.00   $120.00  $132.00   

Tenor sax     $45.00  $51.00   $135.00  $153.00   
Bass clarinet

Bari Sax      $100	$100     $300.00  $300.00
              ($150 single month)	        			

Violin        $19.00  $19.00   $57.00   $57.00    

Viola         $22.00  $27.00   $66.00   $81.00    

Cello         $42.00  $47.00   $126.00  $141.00   

Bass          $50.00  $50.00   $150.00  $150.00   

French horn   $50.00  $60.00   $150.00  $180.00 
		single	 double   single   double

Baritone horn $40.00  $51.00   $120.00  $153.00   

Bassoon       $60.00  $75.00   $180.00  $225.00       

Important information

Our rental policy is simple. Quality instruments are offered to give you the opportunity to succeed.

  • The minimum rental period is 3 months.

  • The first twelve months of the rental will be applied toward the purchase and 50% of any additional up to six months rental beyond nine months will be applied to the purchase.

  • The renter is responsible of the value of the instrument, for any excessive damage and for loss of instrument.

  • All the instruments that we rent come with all accessories needed for the first day of school or lessons.

  • Brass instruments come with a mouthpiece, valve oil, and slide grease.

  • Clarinets and saxophones come with 2 reeds (Rico #2 or similar), cork grease and saxophones will have a neck strap included.

  • String instruments come with rosin and are fully adjusted and ready to play.

  • We also have other instruments to rent not listed above. Please call our store if you don't see what you are looking for.

  • We also have in stock a large supply of method books at discounted prices.

  • We rent the highest quality of band and orchestra instruments, so your student can receive the best possible tools to work with, when learning to play his or her instrument.

  • You must provide credit card information even if paying by check.